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A daring, fun and direct proposition.


Dishes that everyone knows, but that seem new.

Sometimes you have to go a long way in search of inspiration, while other times you find it in the most traditional and unfussy recipes.

Ours is a straightforward concept: to champion and dignify classics such as hamburgers, rolls and toasted sandwiches, through a philosophy of excellent produce.

Produce and technique.

These snacks reveal their healthier and more culinary facet when prepared to the demands inherent in haute cuisine.

We have selected produce allowing us to adopt an authentic approach in our work, in pursuit of naked cooking, showing off the very best of each ingredient, and keeping an eye on the amount of saturated fat in each dish.

Premier cuts, artisanal breads, stocks and broths free of additives, as you can see for yourself since we have all this on show. There is a reason why we are proud of what we offer.


The cooking technique that runs through the heart of our gastronomic experience, lending unique flavours and textures to each mouthful.

At The Eight we believe in selected firewood and charcoal for healthier cooking, with the authentic flavour of each ingredient truly embellished, while maintaining all its succulence.

Produce and ingredients are just as important as technical quality, which is why we are so precise and demanding when it comes to cooking times, rejecting any kind of shortcut.