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Canalejas Food Hall

The Eight, a fully rounded experience.


A modern, laid-back setting.

At The Eight, design blends with fine cuisine, which enrich one another in a dynamic and versatile setting, the perfect venue for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

The décor exudes positivity and is suffused with the symbolism of the number eight, the start of something new. And The Eight is in fact to be found at that very street number on Calle Alcalá, in the Canalejas Food Hall, the new nerve centre for luxury and fine dining in Madrid.


An unexpected experience.

The novelty seen in Julián Mármol’s reinterpretation of formats familiar to everyone melts together in a distinctive setting, painstakingly designed to create a unique and relaxed atmosphere where diners can enjoy a startling culinary concept that you simply mustn’t miss.